Toaster-Oven Cooking Can it Be Done?

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With the warm weather fast approaching people still want to cook and bake, they just don’t want the heat of using a conventional oven. So a solution I use is toaster oven cooking and toaster oven baking.
Yes I do both in my Cook’s toaster oven. A toaster oven can be used for a lot more then just warming up those old hot pockets or pizza.

I have used my toaster oven for cooking whole meals same as a oven. I have made baked chicken dinners, pizza, roast, even broiled steaks in my toaster oven. So I would say toaster oven cooking is definitely a good option to heating up the house using the big oven.

I move the cooking grate to the highest setting in the oven. Also you have to watch the cake a little closer to tell when it is done baking. The toaster oven usually does take a little longer to cook.

With any form of cooking you need to practice and learn. Toaster oven cooking, and toaster oven baking is no exception. Once you use the toaster oven to cook, or bake you will definitely not want to use your big oven during the hottest days of summer.

One big draw back for toaster oven cooking, and toaster oven baking is that the oven is smaller. So you can’t make as much. But for a family of three or four people (where to of those people are younger kids) you can make a perfect sized dinner without having any problems.

The cooks toaster oven I have I got used fairly inexpensive. It fits well on my counter. I picked up pans for it from the dollar store that work great. I have two 9×13 square pans and two 9 inch round cake pans. With just those for pans I can do almost all of my cooking and baking in the toaster oven.

I am planning on going out and getting at least one or two more of each pan type though. That is just for my convenience. The recipe I gave for chocolate cake in my other article gives me three layers. The third pan would be nice.

I hope you enjoy not having the extra heat in your kitchen when you use your toaster oven for either cooking or baking during the dog days of summer.

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