Product Development

Building relationships with customers is always important. With CLARA discovering influencers is easier and faster than previously possible.

  • Discover influencers to build relationships with.
  • Rally up brand evangelists to your cause.
  • Broaden your online presence and spread your message.

Players are posting their impressions of your game constantly. CLARA offers you a unique chance to summarize that feedback.

  • Search for features of the game and get instant feedback.
  • See what is bugging players and fix it.
  • Inform players of important updates that solve their problems.

Improving your product by listening to your customer  is a huge step in creating a long term relationship. CLARA can help you focus your product development.

  • Discover important word-of-mouth and turn it into an opportunity.
  • Use your concept map to see what people are relating to your game.
  • Filter on meta data to see what different players want.