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Two Of The Best Blender Reviews

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Cuisinart CBT-2000 Hurricane Blender

The Cuisinart CBT-2000 is Cuisinart’s most powerful blender. Featuring a huge 3.5HP motor and arriving with a 10-year warranty, you simply cannot go wrong. Being the most powerful blender does come with a small drawback, this blender can cut through anything, including your fingers, so make sure you keep them away from the blades. Similar to other blenders produced by Blendtec or Vitamix the performance is top notch. Perfect for making smoothies and making sure all the bits are liquidized and the CBT-2000 is excellent for green smoothies that require ultra powerful blenders to make sure they become liquid and don’t contain large chunks. The CBT-2000 is an older blender but is still featured on many publications such as the Delicious website.

Cuisinart CBT-2000Bolstering a 6 point stainless steel blade, the CBT-2000 spins at very high speeds to crush, cut and convert all the solids to puree. This blender makes sure that all the ingredients are blended thoroughly. With the CBT-2000 comes a BPA-FREE 64 ounce container, so you can make large quantities of blended smoothies, juices or milkshakes. The compact build and size of the blender allow it to be stored away easily in small kitchens. Along with the 10-year motor warranty comes a 3-year warranty for the entire blender, so if at any time there is a manufacturing fault you can return the blender to Cuisinart.

Nutri Ninja Blender Duo BL642 Review

The Nutri Ninja Blender Duo BL642 is extremely powerful. Some blenders offer you only 500 watts of power and at such a low wattage the crushing power of the blender is almost useless. With 1500 watts of power with the BL642 you can crush through almost anything and make the perfect ice-cold smoothies, milkshakes or other fun concoctions. Along with the high power comes the special blade design that is expertly designed to crush through any ingredients you place inside the blender. Two different sets of blades work together to create a powerful crushing force, breaking apart all the solid chunks.

Similar to the CBT-2000 the blender arrives with a large 72-ounce container, so you can make large batches of smoothies/milkshakes or any drinks of your choice to share with others. Differences arise when compared to the Cuisinart blender, as you also receive a variety of cups in different sizes, these cups can store your drinks throughout the day. All cups that come with the blender have sip and seal technology, so you can bring it with you without worrying about spilling the contents of the drinks. Along with all of this the Nutri Ninja Blender comes with recipes and guides written by nutritionists to help you make the best tasting and most nutritional smoothies – made with of course the best blender.

Advanced technology is definitely something that the BL642 does not lack. It comes with an Auto-IQ system that has 5 programs that automate the blending of your ingredients. A 1-touch system allows you to automate everything depending on which container you choose and your desired drink.

Why Use Clara?

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CLARA can make your community management team more efficient in attending to the needs of your customers. The improved overview and ability to engage allows your team to answer questions quicker, tackle to problem of trolling more efficiently, identify influencers and follow discussion about important topics in an easy to understand environment.

Digging deeper into the discussion helps both marketing teams and product development to receive valuable information and feedback straight from the customers. The web is talking and CLARA is giving you a chance to listen.

What Does Clara Do?

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Video games have large communities that actively discuss their experiences in forums. CLARA helps companies understand what their community is saying about their video games. By analyzing millions of discussion posts CLARA can give insights into trending topics, concept relations and who the top contributors are, among other important information.

By using CLARA you are better able to attend to and engage your community. Respond faster to customers that have problems or research topics important for marketing or product development. If you’re interested in receiving a demo please send us a line and we’ll show you how we can help you understand your community.