About Us

Market research has been evolving slowly for the last century. The internet and the rise of social media has complicated the way marketing and public relations are conducted. Realizing this arising problem and seeing the need for a solution to solve it effectively, the founders started CLARA.

CLARA is a Reykjavik based high-tech business intelligence company. With 12 employees passionately solving one of marketing’s most exciting problems; CLARA was founded to answer those questions in the most effective way. Combining artificial intelligence with text analysis to provide customers with real insights close to real-time is the solution.

At CLARA the team is the key to success. The company is nothing but its employees and its quality depends only on the collective strength and genius. The team comes from different disciplines including, marketing, text analysis, AI design, psychology, philosophy, mathematics and more. The management team brings together years of experience and a new look on how to create a complex and effective software.

The Business development part of the team is lead by some of the most experienced members of the team. After working for brands such as the Coca Cola company, Porsche, Microsoft, 66° North, Íslandsbanki, and various others, the need for change has brought them together in CLARA.

The development team is dedicated to provide our customers with the best product available. The team has a strong background in informatics, software engineering, mathematics and AI design. In addition to working for companies such as TM Software, Straumur, Kaupþing, Landsbanki and various others, the team brings their knowledge from respectable schools such as University of California Berkeley, University of Edinburgh, University of Iceland and the Reykjavik University.